Speaking Engagements

Patricia is a motivational speaker and her authentic and humble speaking style has wowed and inspired audiences with laughter, tears, and standing ovations.

She tells of her personal journey and helps others to improve their leadership style, overcome adversity, develop and nurture great teams and achieve greater personal happiness. Ultimately she urges the audience to create an “atmosphere of excellence” which allows them to enjoy greater success in their career and personal life.

Her specialties include: leadership, team building, corporate philanthropy, community engagement. She customizes her talks to best meet your needs.

“This session was one of my favorites because Patricia was so interesting to listen to, and she had the best visual presentation I saw all conference! And I cried.”

“Loved this presentation ­- definitely my favorite!  Patricia was a great presenter ­- very comfortable and at ease.
Content of the presentation was compelling and heartwarming.”

“Excellent presentation!! I was glued to my seat listening to how the Batkid “phenomenon” unfolded. In fact, she was so dynamic she would have made a great keynote presentation. It was a great surprise!”

“This presentation was inspiring and made traveling and investing in this conference worth it.
She shared all her experiences good and bad. Was honest about her decision making.”

“Absolutely amazing presentation!
I was probably one of the few who had not really understood the magnitude of the impact of the Batkid phenomena.
I was totally captivated by the presentation!”

“Truly amazing and without a doubt my favorite part about the entire week.
Patricia was an outstanding presenter and incredibly inspirational!!!
I truly think everyone should hear her speak.”